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I am embarrassed to say that your personal (and I hope favorite) film buff blogger has not watched an actual movie in nearly six months. I have been caught up with completing series or starting new ones. My resolution is to break the addiction and return to my true love. So in the spirit of seeking closure, my comments will be confined to a quick overview of what I have been watching between 7 and 10 most evenings– essentially dinner and a series. I promise no spoiler alerts for those of you equally engrossed–or bored with–the same ones I feel compelled to finish. I finally finished “Rake”. Although the fifth season remained brashly satirical, unpredictable and well-acted, it seems to have lost its way. One of the draws of the series is that while Cleaver is outrageous and narcissistic , he has a core of pragmatic morality which emerges by the end of each episode. By the fifth season he has lost that core and with it “Rake’s” appeal. Still, if you haven’t watched it, I place it high on the recommended list. “White Lotus” was the opposite trajectory for me. The first few episodes were amusing and lightweight, not sure I liked it, but by the third one I was hooked. And one high AQI day I shut all the windows, turned on the air purifier and binged on the remaining episodes. I need to add that the series contains three scenes (scattered throughout the episodes) that I never thought I would see on any screen, no less my television– the kind of shocking that makes you roar with laughter. “My Mister”( no knee slapper this one) is still a strong recommendation, but a steady dose might make you reach for the Prozac. So many depressed characters. I will finish it because in spite of it all, the story is compelling and the acting superb, plus I love Korean cinema. “Hit and Run” started out great–love the actor from Fauda, story seemed intriguing, but after three episodes I was done with the violence and cliched chase scenes. The truly convoluted plot requires a Herculean suspension of disbelief. and someone to turn to and ask, “Now why did he do that?” Because of so many accolades I watched the first episode of “Modern Love”. This one is kind of Eloise grown up–New York, doormen (well one in particular). I liked it but what I particularly like is that each episode is complete, so I can insert my movie watching without without waking up at 3 a.m. wondering what will happen next. Next review coming up will be a movie. Send in those suggestions because I am not on top of that scene but hope to be soon.

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  1. Thanks, Cynic. I am deeply immersed in Ted Lasso at the moment and couldn’t be more delighted. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend. Apple TV +


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