About This Site


Some general comments about sources.  Amazon Prime generally has a better selection than Netflix, but if you have both, before paying for a non-prime Amazon movie, check to see if Netflix has it for free. A great source for free movies is Kanopy And Hoopla (this one (and the Criterion Collection–a paid streaming service with fabulous films)– I just learned– does NOT work with Smart T.V.’s. It does work for Apple TV, i-Pads, computers, etc. Sign up with your library card online. It has some amazing films not available with the regular streaming sources.  Several friends have suggested Acorn for British stuff. I plan to sign up for that.  U-tube has  films and is a fantastic resource for not only How-To stuff, if you want to see an SNL skit that’s the place. Hulu has some good movies.

Need Your Help: 

A major motivation for this site is to get recommendations from others.  I  see that my last entry was a year ago, but I like the name of the site so much that I kept it without posting.  Now in the time of the Plague I am restoring it with the hope of rejuvenating a community of fellow film critics.  So, please, write your recommendations.  Since there will be no actual movie attendance in the coming weeks, let’s just stick with what we can stream.  If you still get Netflix dvd’s (don’t forget to alcohol wipe), then those comments are of interest as well.