Your Suggestions for Watching

Some of your very excellent suggestions get lost in the comments about my posts, so I’m hoping that this space will give you a chance to make some suggestion, with or without extensive reviews. I think that a comment posted here will send out a notice, but I’m not sure. I’m not very clear on the mechanisms of the Blog.

Post any reactions to a review on the Home Page in “Reply” after clicking on that review. But put new suggestions here. Hope that makes sense! Also, consider becoming a “contributor” and your full review will appear on the Home Page with the ones I write.

This is from Ellen:

As you know, Susan, I watched “Nights of Cabiria” on Friday night, introduced and screened by Margherita Ghetti via Zoom (oh, how life has changed)…. I was charmed. Someone in the post viewing discussion mentioned that Giulietta Masima was channeling Chaplin, I so agree. I read that Fellini always dubbed his films and while he was shooting he always had music playing and how it impacted how the actors moved. What an interesting tidbit.


  1. I hope I am writing this in the right space. Dead to Me was gobbled up in three days….all 20 episodes (My God, I am such a slug!) Last night I watched all four installments of Unorthodox. I recommend it, as well. It was so well put together. The acting was beyond great, and I learned a lot about a community I only knew from afar. Very sad, but also hopeful.

    This stay at home order has given us permission to sit by the TV and enjoy hours at a time, with no guilt. That’s something we don’t normally get to do. So we have decided to just give into it and enjoy.


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