Your Suggestions for Watching

Some of your very excellent suggestions get lost in the comments about my posts, so I’m hoping that this space will give you a chance to make some suggestion, with or without extensive reviews. I think that a comment posted here will send out a notice, but I’m not sure. I’m not very clear on the mechanisms of the Blog.

Post any reactions to a review on the Home Page in “Reply” after clicking on that review. But put new suggestions here. Hope that makes sense! Also, consider becoming a “contributor” and your full review will appear on the Home Page with the ones I write.

This is from Ellen:

As you know, Susan, I watched “Nights of Cabiria” on Friday night, introduced and screened by Margherita Ghetti via Zoom (oh, how life has changed)…. I was charmed. Someone in the post viewing discussion mentioned that Giulietta Masima was channeling Chaplin, I so agree. I read that Fellini always dubbed his films and while he was shooting he always had music playing and how it impacted how the actors moved. What an interesting tidbit.


  1. I hope I am writing this in the right space. Dead to Me was gobbled up in three days….all 20 episodes (My God, I am such a slug!) Last night I watched all four installments of Unorthodox. I recommend it, as well. It was so well put together. The acting was beyond great, and I learned a lot about a community I only knew from afar. Very sad, but also hopeful.

    This stay at home order has given us permission to sit by the TV and enjoy hours at a time, with no guilt. That’s something we don’t normally get to do. So we have decided to just give into it and enjoy.


  2. Two more series we have enjoyed recently. Both are British but very different. The first is about 6 seasons . Last Tango in Halifax. It was made around 3012-17, but worth the time. The second is three seasons ( 6 episodes each), called Unforgotten. The main characters are two police detectives who follow, snd resolve cold murder cases. It is very well written and the stories of all the characters involved in the investigations are engaging. Supposedly there is going yo be a fourth season, but we’ll have to wait and see.


  3. Hi, Jude, so great to hear from you!! I’v enjoyed Last Tango and now plan to check out Unforgotten–sounds good, but I do get a little nervous around murder stuff since I generally watch before I go to bed and end up taking it with me (so to speak)


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