“Case” (Netflix) -*Revised!!

I generally steer away from this kind of gory murder series, but in these strange times… It’s from Iceland and is–at first– confusing. You think you are supposed to know stuff that you don’t–maybe it’s an Icelandic thing, I thought. But once I figured out that the confusion was intentional–I relaxed. It’s very gripping and compelling: great acting with a post modern whodunit feel to it. Lots of nudity (whew–don’t get to see full frontal males that often. Looks like circumcision isn’t that common there). Explicit sex scenes (no longer that interesting to me–sigh). That said, by the 6th episode after eliminating a number of suspects, the perp is revealed. (not to brag, but there was a bit of foreshadowing and I kinda guessed it around Episode 4). Three more episodes to go and the tension will center on whether the police will figure out what the audience already knows. Update: Well, just finished the last three episodes. They got gorier and gorier: beatings, shooting up, kind of disgusto. Last night I had nightmares, triggered more by this series than CV! Sexual exploitation/predation of children and young teenage girls is a popular and international theme. But unlike the 1930’s German film “M”, Case and others like it, use that theme exploitively. Under the guise of finger wagging about bullying, teenage isolation, parental laxity, abuse, confusion, viewers get to see nude shots of the young victims,lots of nubile blondes romping in orgies, etc.etc Won’t be watching Season 2 when it comes around.


  1. You had me at ‘full frontal males’! Oh, and I happen to love crime stories. I look forward to watching and will let you know what I think. Thanks for starting this as a way to connect in these new and very crazy times.

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  2. Ugh! Thanks for the tip off. I won’t be watching it. I found another Icelandic murder mystery on Netflix called The Valhalla Murders. It’s got some gory images but no exploitive sex, especially not w children! Spare us sex w children! The detective in charge of the case is a woman.

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