Tiger King

On the walls of my children’s respective homes there is a photograph of seven year old Lauren and four year old Michael , very tan, holding a large ocelot and smiling at the camera. the photograph was taken in Pompano Beach Florida by a photographer who made his living taking pictures of children holding a tame ocelot. I recall being a little nervous about it. Now fast forward more than four decades: “Tiger King”!! Talk about being “a little nervous”: This series is the epitome of horror fascination. Each one gets weirder and weirder. Who ARE these people? Are they for real? Well, it turns out they are. Maybe you read a couple of years ago about a tiger farm owner in Oklahoma who is now serving time for attempted murder of his nemesis/ competitor in Florida? Well here is the entire back tale!(pardon the pun) Conflicting stories, narcissists, people who are obsessed with petting wild tigers, “murder and mayhem” is the subtitle and– phew–it barely covers it.. I feel a little cheesy for watching , but it’s the penance I pay for the ocelot photo. I’m only on Episode three, but so many questions!!! Stay tuned for more developed observations after the series has finished. Please, please chime in with comments!

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