“The Mark Twain Prize for American Humor–Dave Chappelle” (Netflix)

If you are leaning toward a funk (as I am) this is a great defunking pick. I’m not sure how I missed it (2016), but I’m glad I found it. Chappelle is an interesting and multifaceted performer with impeccable timing and a genius like ability to make us like him while we are wincing. I wonder if he has a commentary to help us through these troubled times. As Sarah Silverman says in her tribute, I don’t always agree with him, but he always makes me laugh. The award ceremony includes lots of great comedians and wonderful music. Slightly jarring: Jon Stewart–I barely recognized him; camera pans on Chappelle’s sons who seem sullen, especially in contrast to his vivacious and outgoing little girl seated next to him.


  1. Thanks!!! Feeling pretty funky myself could use an uplift XO

    Alice Levine, CNM Cell 805.452.8681 Fax 805.272.9184 sbmidwifery.com sbbirthcenter.org



  2. I think you gave up on line of duty too soon. In the middle of the first season the characters were bogged down in viciousness and violence for sure. But as the episodes continued, there were fascinating twists and turns as plot and characters took off. Give it another chance!


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