The Good Liar: a different sort of date-night movie (contributor: Mary Chaffee)

Biographical note: Mary lives in Vermont and in addition to being a writer, musician and all around bon vivant, she is a good friend from high school. If you have a movie or tv show you would like to write about, let me know and I can send you a contributor’s invite.

When you’re cowering-in-place from COVID with your significant other, every night is date night (theoretically). Consider spending one of them watching The Good Liar, a movie about searching for love online that goes terribly wrong. Ah, but for whom?

Betty (Helen Mirren), a recently widowed woman of a certain age, meets Roy (Ian McKellen) on a dating website, and soon he’s charmed his way into her life and her spare bedroom. All the alarm bells start to go off – what is she thinking, this well-off, trusting older lady? It’s way too soon. Doesn’t she know it’s a jungle out there?

But wait, there’s more.

I’ll watch anything with Helen Mirren in it, and Ian McKellen is formidable. So even though the plot is a bit clunky, its twists and turns are illuminated by stellar acting. We rented this recent release from Amazon for a mere six bucks, added microwave popcorn and a bottle of Zin. A nice evening…and if nothing else, it’ll make you think twice about relying on the kindness of strangers you meet online.


  1. Speaking of date night and tek Just watched Black Mirror- “Smithereen” is the episode. It was very good. Hang in there with this crazy new normal and thanks for all your postings!! XO

    Alice Levine, CNM Cell 805.452.8681 Fax 805.272.9184



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