“The Search for One Eye Jimmie” Contributor: Marna Owen

On Amazon. Found this fun 1994 indie film while desperately searching for something without guns, tigers, or nefarious politicians. Best male cast ever, made stronger with Anne Meara and Jennifer Beals. Takes place in a beat up Brooklyn neighborhood where all the guys have nick names: Disco Bean (John Turturro), Junior (Nicholas Turturro), Joe Head, because he has a big head, literally (Michael Badalucco), Jimmy’s brother (Steve Buscemi). Can’t forget Viet Nam vet Colonel Ron (Samuel L. Jackson) who is “crazy but always tells the truth” and loan shark Snake, formerly known as Whale (John Sirico).  And the list goes on. Follow this bunch on a quest to find One Eye Jimmie who has suddenly disappeared from the neighborhood. (I won’t reveal how Jimmie lost his eye; it’s just too funny and I’m laughing about it even now.) All the more fun because Les (Holt McCallany) is back from film school in CA and see Jimmie’s disappearance as a unique chance to make a movie. I can’t stop giggling even now. Great for cynics and those with a slightly warped sense of humor.

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  1. I second the motion, Thanks for the reminder — I saw One Eye Jimmy a couple of years ago and enjoyed it thoroughly. Time to see it again,


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