“Never Have I Ever” (NetFlix)

Looking for something light (again), I decided to give Season One of “Never Have I Ever” a try.  It’s based on writer and producer Mindy Kaling’s experience growing up in the affluent, mostly white, neighborhood of Cambridge, Massachusetts. This story, however, takes place in Sherman Oaks, California, present day. The main character, Devi, is a super bright teenager who longs for popularity in her high school and a spot in Princeton. Devi means well for the most part, but her snarkiness, ambition, and quick temper get her in trouble with family, friends, and a neighborhood coyote. Sounds like the typical confused teenage coming of age story (except for the coyote), but a family crisis gives the show a depth that I did not expect. Plus, I was completely delighted and charmed by the narration of hot-headed tennis champion John McEnroe. Watch a few episodes to settle in to this SoCal community and you may be binge watching in no time.


  1. Mindy Kaling was interviewed on Fresh Air a couple of days ago and I was really charm by her intelligent and surprising observations. Thanks for the recommendation!


  2. Binge-watched! The show brought up my own traumatized memories of adolescence, but in a not so bad way. It had me reflect on the fact that we all have these buried memories, each singular, personal, wounding, but also precious — and that that is the bitter sweetness of adolescence. That once you’ve left the safety of childhood, you’re completely vulnerable because now you actually care.


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