“Becoming” (Netflix)

It’s only been–what, less than four years, but it feels like a century ago that the Obamas were our official national leaders. Michelle Obama’s charisma, charm, grace, intelligence and decency (I could go on) is such a bittersweet reminder of an era where these were cherished and admired traits. I’m sure that some will dismiss the film as being too adulating, too long, and too shallow an exploration of our former First Lady’s inner life. Maybe they are right. But those critics are looking for a different kind of movie-fix. Right now this is just what I need. I want a hero whose darkest secret may be that she went to marriage counseling ( and learned something about herself). I know my site is called nycynic, but I’m hitting delete to that part of me and succumbing to an hour and a half of glossy veneered nostalgia.

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  1. Sounds about what we need ! XO

    Alice Levine, CNM Cell 805.452.8681 Fax 805.272.9184 sbmidwifery.com sbbirthcenter.org



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