“Dead To Me” (Netflix)

You’re probably wondering where I went this past week. I’d like to say I’m catching up on all the film classics, revisiting experimental films, and in general broadening my film mind. But sorry to say i have been caught up in “Dead to Me” a darkly humorous two season series that I started but abandoned after three episodes last year. It must be something about the pandemic that has revived my appreciation of it. I’m glued. Every night is a three episode indulgence and I’m on Season 2 now. Christina Applegate is one of the stars as well as producer. She is very funny.

If, like me, you can’t imagine how this could be a two season show, don’t worry. The second season takes a much darker turn but is still pretty gripping. Curious to hear your reactions on this one. (I do recall someone recommending it but can’t remember who or when).


  1. I watched Season 1 and just started Season 2. I got sidetracked to “Fouda” which makes me tense and horrified, but is also really good. Can’t wait to get back to Applegate (Jen) and her lovable co star Linda Cardellini (Judy).


  2. We recommended to you last week. Glad you are enjoying the series. Season 2 finale twists the plot almost beyond believability. Applause for performances of Linda Cardellini and James Marsden as well as Christina Applegate. Did you review “Russian Doll” which belongs to the same category of dark comedy?


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