“Sinatra, All or Nothing At All” (Netflix)

Thank you, Giorgia for your recommendation. This excellent documentary is filled with wonderful music and archival film, footage I have never seen before, including a clip of Elvis Presley and Sinatra as a duo singing each other’s songs. It’s a two-part four hour series and I am just heading into the last hour, so I can’t speak for the rest of the film. But what I have watched so far is terrific. We all know he was a “womanizer” but the film also draws a picture of a complex humanitarian. Knowing this about him was somehow very comforting. I left off with the Rat Pack antics and their role in the “integration” of Las Vegas and am not sure where it is headed now. If possible, Las Vegas looks even more seedy in its early stages, so I am hoping that it moves in another direction. He still hasn’t gotten over the beautiful but unlikeable Ava Gardner and we haven’t met Mia Farrow yet. I think that one of the fascinating aspects of the movie is that while Sinatra is definitely the subject and focus, it is also about significant eras in my lifetime, an overview of The Depression, The War Years, The McCarthy years, (will need to wait until tonight to see the others)

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