The last hour of “All or Nothing”

Sinatra’s darker side comes out in the last quarter of the series. I won’t reveal anything, but adulation of him as a person gets difficult. His “imperfections” as one narrator refers to them are pretty unsettling, and his magnificent voice falters in the last decade of his life. By the end of the series I left still enamored of the performer but disappointed in the man.

Spoiler alert: You will see only baby Nancy, but grownup Nancy is not mentioned. You will have to go to You-Tube to see her perform “These Boots Were Made For Walking”. I suspect, based on the film, that her father was horrified.


  1. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you. Could it be a message to her father? I’ll watch to find out.


  2. Actually, I just read about her (omg–she’s 80!!) and it looks like it was okay: they sang together a lot and she was on his Reprise record label. But she’s not in any of the accompanying narrative. The younger daughter, Tina, Frank Jr.and Nancy senior (who lived to be 101) are a major source of narration.


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