“The Trial of the Chicago Seven” (Netflix)

Opinions vary among friends who have seen it. Some found it boring, others thought it manipulative. I highly recommend it. Sure it is manipulative–it’s entertainment, it’s Aaron Sorkin, for gawd’s sake. And yes, it is flawed: plays a bit with the facts and characterizations, omits stuff that would have been great to see, like omg why didn’t Sorkin have Judy Collins’ testimony?? (read the link to the Slate review attached below) but it does get the essential facts right and captures the late 60’s zeitgeist well enough that I was gripped in nostalgic rage. In spite of its very grim moments of documented police brutality, the film is constructed to make us feel happy (and hopeful) in that ultimately justice is served–remember–this is entertainment. Watch it and then read the linked article for the full picture. https://slate.com/culture/2020/10/trial-chicago-seven-aaron-sorkin-accuracy-netflix.html Let me know what you think–would love a discussion.

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  1. Did I like The Chicago 7? Not really. But I felt I had a duty to watch it. Part of the problem for me is all the crap that’s going on now with police brutality, the Trump appointed judges, the current state of our nation. I couldn’t take anymore rottenness. I thought Tom Hayden was miscast. Eddy Redmayne is way too cute to play Tom Hayden. Sacha Baron Cohen was good, though. I’m the end, I patted myself on the back for watching it.


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