Yet Another Perspective on “The Trial of the Chicago Seven”

My friend Michael G. sent this to me yesterday. I’m glad I didn’t read this before watching the film because, honestly, it definitely would have put a damper on my enjoyment. It’s easy to lapse into an old Gaze. This article is a good reminder of the need to be vigilant! And Coming Up: “Borat2” Anybody out there want to contribute a review? I have so many questions–Internet research provided few answers.


    1. When it first landed on Netflix, I watched the first 30 minutes of Chicago 7 but turned it off because it seemed too “Hollywood.” Susan’s blog inspired me to watch the whole thing last night.
      I’m on both sides… Yes, it’s glossy and adds/leaves out a lot, but at least it attempts to document a very profound event within our living memory (65+) and bring it to the attention of so many who don’t remember or, more likely, never even knew about it. Hopefully, it will inspire more research into the real event and more youth activism.
      One of the most profound moments for me was in the first 10 minutes when Walter Conkite announces “A Democratic convention is about to begin in a police state. There just doesn’t seem to be any other way to say it.” Ah, those were the days.
      P.S. Thanks for the Nancy Kurshan article. The male chauvinism of the late 60s counter-culture was probably a greater motivation for the feminist movement than the 50’s model. Just my humble opinion.


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