“Derry Girls” (Netflix)

Usually I write my reviews on a Saturday, but having recently discovered this gem of a comedy (recommended by daughter, Lauren) I have to share it immediately! Comedy as an antidote to stress and depression is an old saw. and “Derry Girls” embodies that truth. The series is appealing and laugh-out-loud funny. The “Girls” are Catholic school teenagers growing up in a small Northern Ireland town in the 90’s. The humor is unsentimental, irreverent, and genuinely funny. Disaffected Catholics like my spouse, Steve, who attended Corpus Christi junior high should find it particularly relatable and amusing. Although The Troubles serves as a backdrop, with typical adolescent self-involvement the girls are much more concerned with all the challenges of being 16: crushes, annoying parents, self-image, insecurities, etc. If we are on the same page humor-wise and you could use a few more laughs, then watch their appearance on the very delightful “The Great British Baking Show” (not sure which episode, but I think it’s recent). I know I tread on shaky ground recommending a comedy to others (humor is such a personal thing), but for this one I am joined in applause by most television critics, so try it out if you haven’t already–it’s the craic.

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  1. “Derry Girls” is hilarious!! They’re all adorable but Siobhan McSweeney as Sister Michael is especially wonderful. And yes, I already watched the Great British Baking Show (it’s one of the two “Holiday” specials) which is really fun. Siobhan looked like she’d just fallen out of bed and I confess that I had to stop thinking “ooh, I wish she’d find a good hair dresser or got her teeth fixed” but then realized it’s part of what makes her so appealing.


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