“Behind Her Eyes” (Netflix)

Guest contributor: Bruce Pierini

I waited a few days before posting since I was captivated by the Sci-Fi, psychological thriller now on Netflix. Performances are first rate, writing very good, but the “logic” of the film’s narrative is not easy to follow, at least it wasn’t for me. There are some narrative stretches (e.g. How does a part-time secretary live in a pleasant apartment in downtown London, astral projection as an integral part of the plot — but, hey, it’s Sci-Fi)

Set in contemporary London, the film is a strange love-triangle with each of the three people “protecting” the others from knowledge of their relationships. As the NPR reviewer suggested, best to see the film without reading about it. It’s pretty gripping, but the ending…..oh the ending….I’d be interested in others’ reactions to the ending….I more or less “got it” while watching but I think I want to re-watch the six episodes…..

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