“Supernova” (Hulu)

Reviewer Bruce Pierini

A bittersweet journey with a loving couple, one of whom has an increasingly debiltating dementia. Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth are remarkably at ease as two long-time lovers traveling through the beautiful English countryside in an RV. One of the only movies I can recall with gay characters where their gayness simply isnt an issue with any if the characters in the film. Sort of like real life for the lucky and confident among us.

Everyone I know who’s seen it thinks that it is a wonderful, quietly absorbing and powerful movie and best viewed with kleenex at hand.


  1. I’m glad you reviewed it. Another friend told me about it after I gave her “A Shepherd’s Life” to read. She said the scenes in the Lake County are gorgeous (along with Colin Firth!). Haven’t watched it but will move it up the list now.


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