Back Again!

Well, it looks like this is becoming a once a month kinda Blog. (Unless, of course, one of you thousands of followers chooses to write a review). I finished “The Morning Show” Season 2. Did I say it was a distraction? It was until it wasn’t. The last couple of episodes, while well done, were hardly diversionary. Let’s just say that Season One’s nostalgic take on pre-Covid life morphs into a rather dark and disturbing territory. I’d love a discussion as well about the #MeToo perspectives of the series.

What I have been watching:

“CODA” Apple TV

Absolutely lovable movie with great acting and very endearing characters. Emilia Jones, a 19 year old Welsh actress plays the only hearing child in a deaf family. Marlee Matlin and two other very talented deaf actors complete the principal cast. Part of the charm of the film is the compelling nature of ASL and its mesmerizing facial and hand gestures.

“Landscapers” HBO

Because each of the six episodes only airs once a week, I have seen three absolutely fantastic episodes so far. Olivia Colman and David Thewlis–need I say more? Based on a true crime (murder) it is actually a love story. I’ll review it at completion.

“Being the Ricardos” (Amazon)

It’s entertaining and watchable, but I found myself wishing they had shown the actual scenes from I Love Lucy instead of the reenactments with Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem. Sometimes she does look like Lucille Ball and Bardem not very much like Desi. The dialogue is often anachronistic, detracting from a 50’s feel. And my main gripe about Bio-pics–they play with the facts. But I have a feeling (based on what? you might ask) that Ball was the gutsy, savvy and in many ways groundbreaking person that Kidman competently portrays.

And now here is my holiday gift to you! I have not seen any of these films but I researched some that got high praise. I have NO idea if they are any good, so if you watch one and like it, let us all know. I will try to review as I work my way up and down the list. I did come across some good reviews for horror films, but I can’t handle them, so you are on your own if that’s your predilection.

Drive My Car

Licorice Pizza

Beyond the Visible



The Velvet Queen

The Capote Tapes

Long Strange Trip

Rose Plays Julie

Mosquito Coast


Losing Alice

Velvet Underground

Little Evil

To All the Boys I’ve Ever Known

C’Mon C’Mon

The Lost Daughter

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