A Few Recommendations

“The Honorable Woman” (Netflix)

My friend Giorgia suggested this 2014 BBC Netflix “spy/thriller”series featuring Maggie Gyllenhaal as an Israeli heiress whose father made a fortune manufacturing bombs used to destroy Palestine. She and her brother are committed to using the inheritance for reparations through the laying of a massive cable system and establishing a high end university in Palestine for Israelis and Palestinians. The plot centers on the nefarious sabotage of these efforts on both sides and of course, the international complexities. And sadly these realities haven’t changed in the eight years following the series True, cell phones are a lot smaller now, but the issues remain huge and as complex and charged as ever. I never quite understand what is going on in spy thrillers ( as a 7th grader I watched “Bridge on the River Kwai” hoping they wouldn’t blow up the bridge, but when they did, everyone in the audience was happy. I was confused.) Some of the character development is worthy of discussion. Gyllenhaal has a masochism problem–is this a heavy handed metaphor? Is it a psychological response to extreme trauma/ (also maybe metaphor?) Not sure. In any case, it is a thoughtful well-acted series that presents a pretty clear picture of reality.

“Uncle Howard” (Kanopy) Wonderful, interesting and sad documentary made by Howard Brookner’s nephew who adored him.

“Filmmaker Howard Brookner, who worked with Jim Jarmusch, made an acclaimed documentary about William S Burroughs and died of AIDS in 1989 finishing his first Hollywood movie. His body of work is rediscovered 30 years after his death.”

Watch with me (to be reviewed in the future):

“Mr. Sunshine” (Netflix) A Korean historical drama–fascinating and gorgeous cinematography and costume.

“Search Party” (HBO) Very funny, and cringeworthy millennial satire well-acted

Please!!! send in some recommendations

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