“Mo”, “Rolling Thunder Revue” “We Are as Gods”

I have three good ones for you. “Mo” (Netflix) falls into that serio-comedy genre where the humor is light but the underlying issues are very serious indeed. Mo Amer both writes and stars in this series about a Houston based Palestinian refugee family who has left Palestine over twenty years ago seeking asylum. At the center is Mo who straddles many cultures: his widowed mother is Muslim, his girlfriend’s family is from Mexico, his childhood friends are Black. Part of what makes the series so likable is that these central characters are very endearing and, yes–likable as well. I was first introduced to Amer in his Netflix standup comedy routine “Mo Amer–the Vagabond” (which I also highly recommend). He brings that same charm and humor to this role (in which he pretty much plays himself).

“Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story By Martin Scorsese” (Netflix) Most of you are saying “Wow I can’t believe she’s just now watching this” but for those of you who missed it–DON’T! Martin Scorsese’s sorta documentation of the 1975 Bob Dylan tour (including Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez and lots of others) is much more than that. It is a trip back to the 70’s with Richard Nixon clips, Alan Ginsberg and Dylan reading Kerouac at his Lowell, Mass. gravesite, Vietnam, demonstrations, Gerald Ford, to name just a few of the archival clips. So put on those bell bottoms, grab a Bong and enjoy this two hour plus visual time-machine.

“We Are As Gods” (Amazon, Apple T.V.) More fodder for nostalgia: In 1970 (five years before the Dylan concert tour) I bought my kids their striped overalls from the OshKosh catalog ( maybe my overalls too?) and I fueled my day dream of an alternate life style by reading The Whole Earth Catalog. Should I build a geodesic dome or a log cabin ?(neither of which ever happened). And now fast forward to 50 plus years later and I am gripped by a documentary about Stewart Brand, author of that catalog–the precursor to the Internet. Brand is 80 now and still pursuing the cutting edge. The film chronicles his pioneer efforts in many spheres, but the title is about his more recent delving into the world of bioengineering and the attempt to restore extinct species such as the Wooly Mammoth. Lots of people are opposed to this, but the film doesn’t really do an adequate job of explaining their position. It’s clearly a biased production, but with that caveat I enthusiastically encourage you to watch it.

And puhleeze– I know you think I am remote ready every evening, knowing just what to watch, but I’m not, so just send it some suggestions! And if you have watched any of my recommendations and are bewildered as to my enthusiasm, please don’t hesitate to say so. Let’s get a little controversy going here!!!

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