“White Lotus” Season Two (HBO)

Last year this is what I wrote about White Lotus Season One: The first few episodes were amusing and lightweight, not sure I liked it, but by the third one I was hooked. And one high AQI day I shut all the windows, turned on the air purifier and binged on the remaining episodes. I need to add that the series contains three scenes (scattered throughout the episodes) that I never thought I would see on any screen, no less my television– the kind of shocking that makes you roar with laughter. If you hated Season One, don’t even bother watching this one. But if you enjoyed it, I’m curious to hear what you think of the second season. Only a few of the former cast appear–at least so far. And instead of Hawaii, we get to see the spectacular setting of Cefalu, Sicily with its gorgeous beaches and incredible food. Crazy and annoying rich people, fawning hoteliers, and rule-breaking behavior –even for television–drive the plot. I’m enjoying it. Even though I have to overlook the age digs at a particularly obnoxious 80 year old grandfather (is that what young people think of me??), I’m amused by the over the topness of it all. Like old fashioned television we have to wait for Sunday nights to see each episode, so I have seen only one so far (or simply wait for however many weeks and binge), but catch the first episode and post your comments.

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