A Change of Pace for the Holidays

I’m going to try something new just to see where it lands: I’m going to list the streaming I’ve done and you, Dear Readers, need to write in and say what you think of them. I’m also including links to the trailers.(if possible) I will withhold my opinion until I hear from at least several people. And as a little treat–in case you missed it–I am posting a very humorous humor piece from the New Yorker about movies and real life.

But before you scroll down to these, I am urging you to turn on HBO Max and watch a fabulous documentary about a fantastic Berkeley High Teacher. It’s part of a series called “Hello My Name is…” and this one is “Hello, My Name is Nancy Rubin.” made by a now 50 something filmmaker, former Rubin student. I went into a real movie theatre for the first time in nearly three years, but it was worth whatever risk I took. I can’t remember when I have been so moved by a film. Over the course of many years Rubin mailed letters her 15 and 16 year old students had written to their future selves. They could choose the number of years that should pass before it was mailed. As a parent and now grandparent of teenagers, it struck many chords, but perhaps the most poignant was the return to my own adolescence in the 1950’s where for me and so many of my peers, there were no Nancy Rubins.

And now very curious to hear your reaction to any or all of these four film/series.

“Stutz” (Netflix)

“The Wonder” (Netflix)

“Enola Holmes 2” (Netflix)

“Magpie Murders” (PBS Passport)

If you are a PBS subscriber, you can get this series for free. My friend. Carol, gave me an intensive training course in how to do this. I can’t seem to figure out how to get you a trailer.

And Finally The New Yorker Piece:


  1. Just watched “Nancy Rubin” and loved it. Such a vindication of all the teacher bashing going on right now (Mike Pompeo comes to mind). She reminded me a little of you… when is the documentary about you coming out?
    Was also taken with the “Stutz” trailer and watched a short video of him going over The Tools and am now busy psychoanalyzing myself. Will watch the film as soon as I can.


  2. Looking forward to Stutz but with some trepidation. Movies about therapists are usually depressing to me as we are often depicted as morons or rapists. This one happily looks different. I saw the Room and loved it. Other than the beginning scene where the third wall is broken ( can’t figure out why) I thought it was a wonderful story and the art direction is fantastic. Susan CB


  3. The Wonder. Another reason to be glad my grandmother’s family emigrated from Ireland. Still got the Irish blood in me though, so relished the dark, cold, weirdness of it all. And for once, a happy ending.


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