“Restless” (Acorn)

Just subscribed to Acorn (30 day free trial). I was told that membership in the Alameda County library will get you a free subscription. This is true but not for Smart T’V.’s. It looks like it’s only $5 per month, so maybe it’s worth it. “Restless” is a good (not fabulous) World War II spy thriller. It stars Charlotte Rampling (as always intensely tortured ), the actress who played Mary in Downton Abbey (the same upper class British accent with repressed expression but wearing 70’s hippy clothes), Michael Gambon has a small part, but he’s always wonderful, and a British actress whose name I can’t remember, but she’s gorgeous and very convincing as the flashback Charlotte Rampling. It’s a two part series and can be watched in one sitting. I’m never really quite sure about plot twists and maneuvers in spy films, but it’s not too complex in this one. Even though it is likely you can predict who the villain is early on, the motivations and plot twists can keep you interested. The ending is satisfactory, but intentionally leaves you hanging just a bit. For the record: I don’t like that in a diversionary movie. In these unstable times I want total closure. I’m a sucker for a happy ending.

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