“Yesterday” **** (Amazon Prime)

If you are looking for satisfying diversion that does not involve animal torture or meth head sociopaths, watch this really endearing British film. When I heard the premise I thought it sounded kind of dumb and didn’t have much interest, but daughter Lauren recommended it. So glad she did. The cast is terrific and revisiting the Beatles’ incredible music is always a treat. I guess you could classify it as post apocalyptic (did I spell that right?). Indeed, a world without the Beatles is grim. but it is a happy film with lovable characters. Even Kate McKinnon’s L.A. over-the-top agent is likable. And in these seemingly endless days of being forced back upon ourselves in seclusion, it is a sweet reminder of what’s really important in life.


  1. Yes – we just watched it. A feel good movie!! ❤️❤️

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  2. I also loved this film, especially the scene at the sea with J.L. We just watched The Professor and the Madman with Sean Penn and Mel Gibson. Sean Penn rocks it as a schizophrenic genius. I tried not to hate Mel for who he is but I’m not over it. Anyway, if you can stand Mel I recommend it.

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