“Line of Duty” (Acorn)

It is on many lists as among the Top Ten British cop shows. I can see why it is so addictive: fast-paced, strong acting, and page-turning endings (anybody out there know the video equivalent of page-turner?). In the two episodes I watched, the violence was relatively minimal (when compared with similar shows) and I had to turn my head away twice from a gruesome scene. I’m not recommending it yet–need to watch more, but if anyone else has, please chime in. More episodes will tell if my vague sense of a racist undercurrent is accurate.


  1. Yes, Line of Duty is intense and dark, focusing on police corruption and the worst of society. I also imagined a racial theme, but it didn’t happen. They stick closely to corruption and greed. I’ve watched two seasons and it’s really well done, but very intense, so not always the best choice in difficult times.


    1. Hmmm. maybe steer clear of it for a while. Does it become clearer why the black male lead in the first two episodes is married to/involved with white women only? That seemed to me to be a choice with a “viewer rationale” on the part of the series creators.


  2. From Ilene:I think you gave up on line of duty too soon. In the middle of the first season the characters were bogged down in viciousness and violence for sure. But as the episodes continued, there were fascinating twists and turns as plot and characters took off. Give it another chance!


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