“Your Sister’s Sister” (Amazon)

I had heard of Lynne Shelton but had never watched any of her films. Sadly, she died unexpectedly of a rare blood disease two weeks ago. Fresh Air replayed an interview with Shelton that I encourage you to listen to. She sounds so likable and down-to-earth that I had to see if those qualities are reflected in her films. And they are. In the interview she discusses her use of improvisation for dialogue, especially in “Your Sister’s Sister”. If you have been to the San Juan Islands it will remind you of the beauty of Puget Sound. Or if you, like me, keep putting it on your list but never seem to get there, it will be a “as soon as the pandemic is over” destination. Good acting, amusing, improvised dialogue, nice people. It is a slight film, cast with somewhat familiar white millennials (it’s not silly like “Friends, but you get the picture) Regardless, it works as a very satisfying evening’s diversion.


  1. Looking forward to these films. Went to San Juan islands with my sister 2 years ago and again last August. Such a great place (or places) to go.


  2. Hi Susan, Listened to Terry Gross and also the Marc Maron 2015 interview with Lynne Shelton. Thanks so much – can’t wait to watch her movies; she sounds like a wonderful person and very talented.


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