“Professor T” (PBS Masterpiece or Amazon $)

Follower friend, Ilene, recommended this three-season Belgian series. I’ve watched only one episode, and it’s intriguing. Although it was first filmed in 2015, Professor T’s eccentric germaphobic OCD behavior seems perfectly normal now. Professor T is a criminology teacher at the University of Antwerp who assists– reluctantly–in solving the crime of that episode. Antwerp is an attractive setting and the acting is really strong. The episode I watched was not violent per se. The crime is rape, but there are no visuals. I try to distance myself emotionally from all that stuff, keep repeating that it’s only acting, but it does raise my anxiety level. In spite of this, I plan to watch another episode because it is so interesting and he is such a quirky character. And if you have no problem with really good programs like The Killing (Danish version) (I cannot watch it) then I recommend “professor T” enthusiastically and without caveat.By the way, if you are a PBS contributor, you can get this free. Either add the app to your Smart T.V. or connect your t.v. to your computer with an HDMI cable.

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