My Movie Screening Goals

Here is a list of films which I plan to stream for various reasons over the next few weeks. If you watch one before I do and would like to write a review let me know.

“Yourself and Yours”

This is a new Korean film that has been getting a lot of talk. It’s supposed to be great. To watch this you need to go to the Cinema Guild website and order it. It’s $12 (still a bargain if you add up what a theatre ticket plus parking costs) and you choose a theatre you want to buy it from. I don’t think it matters. I chose an Iowa City theatre because my friend Del Rae moved home to Des Moines last year and I want to support the arts in Iowa.

“2040” (Amazon, I think)

Also new, it’s getting good reviews from top critics but not so much from audience reviews (often a good sign, but not always)

“Premature” (Amazon)

Also good reviews and is a comedy!!! Yay!

“The Vast of Night” (Amazon)

See 2040

“To Sleep With Anger” (Amazon)

I remember loving this film when it came out in the 90’s. Charles Burnett is a really interesting filmmaker. The Criterion Channel also has “A Walk With Charles Burnett” which I plan to watch.

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