“Yourself and Yours” (free on Smithsonian web site)

A very early post of mine discussed “The Day He Arrives” , a film by South Korean director Hong Sang-Soo. This review of “Yourself and Yours” is very much the same. His signature long shots, ambiguous plot, and mysterious characters all beg for post-screening discussion. At least based on the two films I have seen so far, Hong Sang-Soo certainly fits the “auteur theory”. Nothing much really happens in either of the films, yet we watch, hoping for the mystery to be cleared up. Both films are self consciously concerned with filmmaking and its relationship with reality. (a filmmaker is a pivotal character), time is “rewound” with an odd sense of deja vu, no one seems to have a job, women are elusive objects of desire, compelling long shots and so much more. I can see why critics and raved and viewer response was “meh”. If you are looking for a distracting thriller don’t bother (it’s nothing like “Parasites”) . And if you are not a fan of French New Wave with its existential themes and experimental forays, I don’t recommend it. ( also note that I found the streaming free on another site).

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