A “Mindhorn” addendum

One of my most devoted followers is VW aka Nudnik. She writes incisive reviews, not always agreeing but always on target. And she’s An Intellectual, which makes this supportive comment all the more gratifying. Perhaps this will entice you to a screening.

“I only watched the first five minutes and am still laughing.
I was sold when I saw a cameo by Steve Coogan who is hilarious (“Trip” movies, Alan Partridge, etc.) and he and Ridley Scott produced it. For fans of the Aussie Phryne Fisher series, the female lead is Essie Davis who’s a fine actress and also lovely to look at, and the cast list includes Kenneth Branagh and Simon Callow so there’s an association with Shakespeare, E.M. Forster and other literary content for you intellectuals.
Thanks for this welcome antidote to the last few weeks of toxicity, Susan. This is just what the doctor ordered!
P.S. We won, we won, WE WON!!!!”

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