“Mindhorn” (Netflix)

After you read this weeks’ review I know a lot of you are going to block me from future e-mails . But maybe a few of my less intellectual readers, like me, will enjoy this very silly British spoof that went unnoticed in its 2016 release. The premise is that a washed up television show detective hero of the 80’s is called upon to help catch a murderer on the Isle of Man. Not much point in telling any more of the plot since most of you have already stopped reading. But if you have had a couple of glasses of celebratory champagne and dinner and a movie is two take-out burgers with fries– perfect! Three days ago the film would have been unbearable; last night I was able to laugh with a frivolous lightness I (we) haven’t felt in four years. and it’s Netflix, so it’s free–well, part of your subscription, anyway. It’s ok to watch with kids, btw.


  1. I only watched the first five minutes and am still laughing.
    I was sold when I saw a cameo by Steve Coogan who is hilarious (“Trip” movies, Alan Partridge, etc.) and he and Ridley Scott produced it. For fans of the Aussie Phryne Fisher series, the female lead is Essie Davis who’s a fine actress and also lovely to look at, and the cast list includes Kenneth Branagh and Simon Callow so there’s an association with Shakespeare, E.M. Forster and other literary content for you intellectuals.
    Thanks for this welcome antidote to the last few weeks of toxicity, Susan. This is just what the doctor ordered!
    P.S. We won, we won, WE WON!!!!


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