“My Mister” (Netflix)

My friend Janine recommended this very intriguing Korean series. Although the first episode had promise, it was quite confusing but not because of the language (yes–I used English subtitles). It’s long–each episode is around 90 minutes and the plot felt convoluted, maybe decipherable to Korean audiences only. I was leery of a second viewing. But thankfully I trust Janine’s opinion and watched another episode last night. Hooked!! Once it became clear that the confusion is intentional and sorts itself out slowly, I relaxed and became fully involved. The acting is convincing and the sets are great. Seoul seems like a great place to visit–it’s worth watching if only to check out the incredible restaurant scenes. The two female leads are breathtakingly beautiful and the male protagonist very handsome (excuse the superficiality, but visuals are important, don’t you think?) Cutthroat corporate culture is universal (although the machinations have a dash of soap opera with nuances perhaps particular to Korea). If anyone out there does speak Korean, tell me if the translation of phrases used by gangster types really is “my goodness” or “gosh”. It makes me wonder about censorship (or audience?). As usual, I look forward to your thoughts about “My Mister”. Coming up, reviewer David Z’s recommendation “Nayattu”

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