“Hit and Run” (Netflix)

I was really enjoying the intrigue and mystery of this Israeli thriller. The premise was compelling, the acting was great, and it held great promise as an evening’s diversion. Sadly, by the third, maybe fourth, episode I was ready to read the synopsis of the remainder and move on to another series. Tons of violence, too many people thrown off balconies, endless chase scenes in car or on foot, too much suspension of disbelief, too little substance combine to make this not worth my time. I’m still working on “My Mister” which has its ups and downs but still holds my attention (will either of the depressed protagonists ever smile?) Next up is “Modern Love” which lots of people are recommending. Likewise “White Lotus”.

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  1. Thanks, Susan, for the warning as I’m looking for really good drama and I find the most recent “Virgin River” similarly promising but in the case of VR way too “American” as in Stephen Spielberg’s tugging at our heart strings. It could have been so much improved with better writing. What happened to non-formulaic love affairs, unintended consquences, plot surprises?


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